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Rebuil, redesign, fresh modern look, assesible and curbless showers
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If you want to convert your existing bathtub to curbless shower we know how to do it. Size of the walk-in shower in most of the cases can be bigger than a traditional bathtub. Tub to barrier-free shower conversion is an affordable solution to get the shower you have always wanted. Replace your existing bathtub with an accessible shower, which is completely watertight and equipped with specially designed quality faucets and shower, easy close handle, grab bars, non-slip floors. It will increase the value of your home, create more space and increase the functionality of the bathroom. 
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Goodbye wet floors! A modern, contemporary tiled walk-in shower stall with glass enclosure helps you wake up and gives you a good start of the day.
The best way to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin is a nice, invigorating shower. If this is how you think but you only have a bathtub, you always have the option of upgrading to a shower. Say goodbye to baths and embrace the future, thanks to a tub to shower conversion.